Why The Bamboo Socks Is So Good?

Why The Bamboo Socks Is So Good?

Bamboo socks are bamboo fibre socks as you guessed. But be careful when you buy bamboo socks, since some firms refer to their socks as "bamboo socks," but utilise chemical bamboo fibre. Their natural qualities have been lost and will not be as effective as the original bamboo fibres. So it is best to have bamboo socks manufactured from bamboo fibres that are not chemically treated.

Bamboo fibres offer exceptional natural characteristics in terms of apparel and notably socks, apart from being incredibly soft and comfy.

Apart from being extremely soft and comfortable, bamboo fibers have remarkable natural properties when it comes to clothing, and especially to socks.

Bamboo socks are temperature-regulating
Bamboo fibers are thermo-regulating. That means bamboo socks will keep your feet warm in the winter and keep your feet cool in the summer. How is that even possible, you may ask?

Thermo-regulated fibres – used in what is called “all-weather clothing” – are able to respond to ambient temperature and maintain the microclimate equilibrium inside the sock. To be more technically correct, fabrics do not provide thermo-regulation themselves. Instead, thermo-regulating fabrics are able to not inhibit and support the thermo-regulation of the body itself. Thermo-regulating socks, such as bamboo socks, work because their fabric allows air to circulate around the feet and at the same time provide a cushion of insulation when the body needs protection from the outside temperature (be it from the heat or from the cold).

Bamboo fiber prevent moisture
Bamboo fiber is naturally moisture wicking. Thanks to their hollow structure, bamboo fibers have the capacity to absorb 4 times more water than cotton for example. Bamboo socks wick moisture away from the skin of your feet, and dry faster than regular socks. They’re able to keep your feet much dryer and for much longer than regular socks.

Bamboo socks are naturally anti-bacterial & eliminate odor!
Feet fungus and bacterial infections come from damp environment. Thanks to its temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking powers, bamboo socks keep your feet dry at all times, preventing excessive sweating and bacteria growth. Plus, bamboo fibers have natural anti-bacterial properties.

Favouring the elimination of sweat and bacteria, bamboo socks will remarkably eliminate bad feet smell (which mainly comes from the presence of bacteria!).

They're extremely soft and anti-blistering
High quality bamboo socks are known to be extremely soft and comfortable. The fabric is among the softest you can find on the sock market, much softer than any synthetic fabrics or even cotton. Bamboo fibers have a natural silky texture. Its ideal for sensitive skins, as it considerably reduces skin friction, rubbing and chafing, preventing blisters and irritations.

Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic
If your skin is fabric-sensitive and your prone to skin irritations, allergies or reactions, you’re just gonna love bamboo socks. They’re hypoallergenic. For even less allergy risks, you can even get to choose among several organic bamboo socks for diabetes.

Bamboo socks for diabetes: do they really work?
Let’s be clear: we absolutely LOVE diabetic bamboo socks here! It’s not that they do miracles, of course, but they’re the ones that best address most common diabetes-related foot problems.

Bamboo socks are a great choice for diabetic feet
Thanks to the above-mentioned exceptional natural properties of bamboo fibers, bamboo socks are a great choice for people living with diabetes. They definitely help keep your feet dry and in an healthy environment, avoiding excessive moist and sweat, bacteria growth, and fungus. Their extremely soft fabric respect sensitive skins and participate in reducing skin friction to the maximum.

If we talk only “fabric” bamboo socks are the best socks for diabetes you can get.

But diabetic socks are not only about bamboo!
Indeed, diabetic socks are much more than about fabric only, and there are more features to look at when buying socks for diabetes. Diabetic socks have 4 main functions: improving blood flow to your feet, providing extra cushioning or padding, keeping your feet dry, and preventing fungal and bacterial infections.

The bamboo fabric perfectly does the job for the last 2 functions: keeping your feet dry and preventing fungal and bacterial infections. But its very important your socks also help improve blood flow and provide extra protection. Bamboo fabric is great for diabetic feet, but you do want your bamboo socks to be specially designed for diabetes to be sure you’re protecting your feet from the wide array of diabetes-related foot problems, especially if you suffer from diabetic neuropathy, swollen feet, or diabetic foot pain.

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