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Gold-Plated Cupid Embossed Square Pendant Necklace

Gold-Plated Cupid Embossed Square Pendant Necklace

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Embrace the spirit of romance and mythology with our gold-plated necklace, featuring a square pendant graced with the embossed silhouette of Cupid. The pendant, sized at 1.4 centimetres, is a delicate tribute to the Roman god of affection and love, crafted with an eye for detail and a heart for timeless stories.

Hanging from a 41+6 centimetre chain, this necklace is designed to sit gracefully at the collarbone, making it a perfect piece for layering or wearing on its own. With a weight of 8.5 grams, it strikes the perfect balance between a substantial feel and comfortable wear.

Whether you're dressing up for a date night or adding a dash of classical charm to your daytime attire, this Cupid embossed pendant necklace is a celebration of love and beauty that will surely be a treasured addition to any jewelry collection.




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