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Mens 3 Pairs Five Finger Sports Toe Socks

Mens 3 Pairs Five Finger Sports Toe Socks

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The material of the five-finger socks is cotton, which has good breathability and absorbs sweat. Due to its excellent sweat absorption and quick-drying properties, it can be used in the daily life of sports such as cycling, tennis, mountaineering and running.
five-finger socks are made of elastic material, which has excellent elasticity and is comfortable to wear.
Sports / outdoor socks: Five-finger socks allow you to go all out so that you can firmly grasp the ground and run with your fingers. In addition, socks should also be touched between fingers, so you can protect sweat well, so it is recommended that your feet are not stuffy.

Suitable for seasons: Autumn,Winter
Function: absorb moisture, prevent beriberi, breathable, antibacterial

Material: Cotton Blend

Package Included:
3 Pair Of Five Finger Toe Socks



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